Thursday, 24 September 2009

18.9 Introduction to Design Thinking and Design

Taina talked about design and based it on man/ human being being something and somebody that is always made and constructed. Man is the first thing, culture is made of clay, molded from material with a live spirit blown into it. Man makes himself, his world, he makes things. Making things is the work of master - mastery is solving a riddle, constructing a labyrinth, gaining experience through time. Platon was referred to, likewise Taina's book Kaupunki on ihmisen koti, and Walter Benjamin (for instance Some Motifs in Baudelaire/ Silmä väkijoukossa)

Marjo talked about design, what it is as a profession. She showed slides about history of design, and talked about the design approach to things.

Patrizia Schettino presented her thesis about designing for multicultural users. Nancy Adler participated in the discussion.

- as did the students, thank you!

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