Saturday, 10 October 2009

Course assignment for Design Thinking

The task is simply to write an essay of 5 - 10 pages. You can write the essay by yourselves, or in two, or in groups. (For a group, a more substantial = longer essay of 8 - 12 pages is of course reasonable). Send the essay by email to trajanti(at) by 15.11. After this I'll set a list of times to get comments on the essays between 23.11 - 4.12.

Basically the idea is to write on a theme that has come up within the course. More or less:

1. What is design? What is good/ bad design? Who is the user - why is the user important?

2. What is sustainable design? Ecologically - economically - aesthetically - ethically sustainable? User-innovation? Net-work economy?

These of course are very broad themes. You can also think of a specific case or issue, like copyright or a case of design or specific use of user-innovation, specific case of etc. Roope and Aleksi are both interested in the copyright issue, and will write something about that. Kati will be going to a Design Thinking conference and will write a report about the themes that were discussed there. Minttu wants to write about a case of using "crowdsourcing" i.e. user-innovation. 

Feel free to ask questions, advice, tips about literature etc, if needed! Or if your were not present when the course assignment was discussed and the blog post is too vague...

Looking forward to them essays!

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