Friday, 2 October 2009

Task for 9.10

Four groups who each take one article from My Creativity Reader. 

Merijn Oudenampse: Back to the Future of the Creative City: An Archaeological approach to Amsterdam's Creative Development
Joost Smiers: What if We Would Not Have Copyright? New Business Models for Cultural Entrepreneurs
Geert Loving and Adnrew Ross: Organic Intellectual Work: Interview with Andrew Ross
Sebastian Olma: On the Creativity of the Creative Industries: Some Reflections

Matteo Pasquinelli:IVW _ Immaterial Civil War: Prototypes of Conflict within Cognitive Capitalism.


Read the article.
Get together and discuss it.
Look for:
1. The main points and ideas made by the article.
2. What does it/ might it say about design? Especially
- user innovation
- creative or design networks and network economy?

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